The Stonegate Singers is a new community choir set up by composer, yoga teacher and researcher Dr Jon Hughes (for more information about Jon, click here).

It’s a choir that anyone can join! No previous experience necessary. Jon will teach the music by ear part by part.

The idea of a community choir is that people will varying levels of music experience can sing together. Both experienced singers and people new to singing can come together in a supportive and positive atmosphere, working towards the common goal – to experience singing beautiful music!

Rehearsal Time

Our first rehearsal will be January 9th 2017, which is actually Jon’s Birthday!

Then there will be a rehearsal every week etc etc


We will sing etc etc…

Natural Voice Practitoners Network

The Stonegate Singers is part of the vibrant emerging community choir scene in the UK, and Jon is a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network, an organisation that promotes c

ommunity choirs and community based approaches to singing and using the voice. A quote from their website will give you an idea of what they stand for:

“We are a network of people who work with voice and song, and who believe that singing is everyone’s birthright, regardless of musical experience or ability.”

You can find their website here: Natural Voice Practitioners Network website