Amazing! The Stonegate Singers’ first concert was broadcast on BBC Radio York last night!

The Stonegate Singers plus friend rehearsing as part of York in Harmony with BBC Radio York

Fantastic concert last night with my choir the Stonegate Singers, along with some other friends, as part of the York in Harmony project run by John Offord and BBC Radio York. Such a lovely evening and afternoon, and everything went according to plan.

We had a 2 hour rehearsal from 4pm – 6pm, then went live at 6:08 on the Radio! It was an intense afternoon, as we were working to a tight schedule, but great fun!

Apparently we performed to anything from between 30 000 – 150 000 people – so it was basically a stadium gig!

You can listen back on the Iplayer – BBC iplayer link – our concert starts at 2:09:40. There’s also interviews conducted live during the rehearsal at 47:30 and 1:45:30.


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