Refugium – amazing day performing my new piece Refugium at Creswell Crags

We had a brilliant day yesterday performing Refugium at Creswell Crags. The choir arrived on a coach from York at 2pm. We rehearsed 3-4pm, and then they had a tour of one of the main caves at Creswell with a guide. The performance was 6pm – 7pm outdoors in the limestone Gorge. Perfect weather, and around 150 people turned up to see us sing.

Rehearsing in the Gorge

The piece used an 8 speaker outdoor ambisonic sound system set up in the Gorge, with the choir singing 3 new pieces as part of the 1 hour long sound fabric. I composed the 3 pieces using text drawn from conversations with people at Creswell, and J. Magens Mello’s original scientific papers written about the gorge in 1875.

A great audience for the piece!

One thought on “Refugium – amazing day performing my new piece Refugium at Creswell Crags

  1. Awesome sounds only all heard brfore by the ancient rocks of the crag. A particulary magic moment when the jacksaws joined in as if they had been trained. Thank you Jon, Mark and Ben and the fabulous joint quoir for a special experience


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